Warwick Cultural Institute

The Warwick Institute of Culture

“Where imagination meets experience!” – will be housed in the former Kutz facilities in Warwick, NY. Founded by artist and educator Emilee Dupré, “The Wick” will serve as an incubator for artistic development of established and emerging talent, and offer immersive experiences of performance, art, education, recreation, service and wellness enjoyed in a beautiful rural environment. Devoted to nurturing lifelong learning for all ages, The Warwick Institute of Culture is a broadly inclusive organization dedicated to a prestigious quality of artistry and training, providing the people of Warwick and its visitors with access to unique artistic, cultural, educational, wellness opportunities, while utilizing local talent to promote local businesses and enrich our existing community year round. “The Wick” produces and co-presents live & online performances, camps, educational experiences, events, workshops, outreach, collaborations with local schools & businesses.  Sign up for information about events in Warwick, NYC, and beyond!
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  • To celebrate the local culture, art and natural environment of Warwick, NY.


  • To cultivate a sense of belonging, well-being, and creativity by encouraging
    artistic curiosity and meeting it with great imagination and experience.


  •  To serve as an incubator for artists and artisans where they can refine their
    unique artistic gifts.


  • To create a sustainable collective future that engages, inspires and empowers
    the community and its visitors

About Us

Founder Emilee Dupré is an artist and educator whose life is devoted to creating work that cultivates a sense of belonging, sparks curiosity, and evokes a sense of magic. Her multi-faceted skillset, experience, vast network and clear vision make her a dynamic leader in arts and culture and education. Dupré is a Broadway and film actress, director, choreographer, teacher, coach, wellness practitioner, REALTOR® at Keller Williams First in New York, INVITAS Leader, and she is a new mom! Emilee holds a BFA in Theater from New York University’s Tisch School and has a voracious appetite for knowledge and passion for education! Seven years ago, Emilee Dupré and her husband planted their roots locally, raising their beautiful family here. Emilee’s diverse background, strong leadership capabilities, community of incredible mentors, and commitment to sustainable excellence lay an incredible foundation from which The Warwick Institute of Culture will grow!

Emilee Dupré

Location coming soon to Warwick, NY

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